Canal coot hunting

This morning Yatzie found some coots (sothöna) in the canal outside our house that she suddenly decided to hunt down. She finds these kinds of birds the most interesting here in Holland. They make a funny, squeeky sound, maybe that is why. She swam up and down the canal for half an hour! So determined! Sometimes they flew away a little bit, then she got up on the grass and ran after them, barking just to jump into the water again further down the canal searching for them deep inside the weed. I considered swimming a very good, gentle exercise for a pregnant lady - until I realized that she was dragging around kilos of weed from the water around her neck! Yatzie is more alert lately and runs more. Maybe the puppies are giving her a break in their development. These puppies will be bird hunters for sure, not only through their genes, but through experience even before they are born!

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