Barbets, barbets and barbets - at the Dutch barbet club weekend

This weekend 23 barbets met up at the Dutch barbet club gathering on a camping in mid north Holland. It was a colourful and lively group of barbets that trained, played and relaxed together. At the camping was a stable agility course and the owners themselves are experienced trainers in agility and tracking. Thus Saturday everyone got to try out agility and Sunday we did some tracking exercises first on a grass field and then in the forest. The owners, who had not worked with barbets before, were very impressed by their intelligence and ability to quickly pick up new tasks. Especially their tracking skills stood out. Yatzie out performed by perfectly and full of enthusiasm following a forest track from the owner in a speed that I had a big problem to follow! The trainer said You must continue training this dog in tracking – she is a talent! Moët, who just started agility training the past week, did very well on the course and jumped the obstacles and ran through the tunnel as if she had done it many times before!

Moët and I warming up with some tricks before the tracking exercise
It is tireing to be on a camp!

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