Videos: Yatzie is getting playful with her puppies

Lately, now that there is more space since the puppies are at the ground floor and since they also eat other food and do not hang in her nipples all day long, Yatzie is able to play with her puppies one by one. And she does! Sometimes I wonder who is enjoying it the most - Yatzie or the puppy? I made many films of about 2 minutes, and they were all so sweet I just publish them all here. She is playing with the green collared girl and the orange collared boy.

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  • Simone van der Hoeven • 13 februari 2012 22:39:02
    dear Elisabeth,

    Recently we had mail contact about your friend s litter. Did everything turn out right in the end?
    I have been watching your lovely Yatzie and her pups, in order to find the special video [to use in a lesson on socialisation and mother/child communication] where she gave one puppy a correction [growling] after it climbed on her back. In my memory it was videoclip nr. 6 or 7, or did I get muddled up about this special video?
    Again I was struck about the rich environment you created for the litter!
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Are all the puppies well?
    With kind regards, Simone van der Hoeven.
  • fam. Zuidberg • 21 oktober 2011 19:57:52
    This is just wonderful. They are very cute together; there seems to be an incredible bond between Yatzie and her orange puppy. This is wat we also saw when we met them.

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