Yatzie kisses Santa Claus

In Sweden Christmas Eve is the day when well behaving kids and dogs get their Christmas gifts. Being such a good dog Yatzie got more gifts than all the kids -  from the good hearted kids! The favourite was grandpas reindeer sausage that Yatzie picked out amongst all the other gifts. The problem was that it was actually for grandpa - Yatzie did not learn to read yet...


Yatzie knew who Santa Claus was behind the mask - a dear family member (psst, do not tell the children) and could not stop kissing til Santa almost fell in the stairs!


Below same video in two different formats - see what works best for you.

Yatzie playing with her Christmas gifts
Yatzie and I - matching in hairstyle and dress - with minimom Melise
Cosy Christmas feeling
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