By the pool at Il Pantano villa

What a fabulous place we found for our holidays! In the very heart of Tuscany, a few km from the famous city of wine Montepulciano, lies a complex of Italian style villas called Il Pantano. On our site there are 4 apartments, but we are the only two families here. A swimming pool is right by the house to cool down both us and the dogs. Once in a while I throw Yatzie into the pool. Sometimes she jumps in herself as well to get her water dummy out of the water. The kids play with a ball in the pool and Yatzie has made it her task to go get it each time it happens to be thrown outside of the pool. She does not always bring it back so Peter gave her a scolding as you can see in one of the pictures. Bo, their sweet Scooby Doo dog, does not like to get into the water and is very upset to see all of us in there so she is constantly barking off leash. Earplugs recommended! Yatzie is wearing a cooling jacket which works quite well. I soak it in water which evaporates and cools her down. It is needed in this heat! Bart is sorry I did not order one for him!

Yatzie! Next time you bring the ball back directly - understood? ;-)

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