Hello! I am looking for a mum & dad :-) !

Yatzie's daughter Beli in Poland became a mother of 8 puppies in November. At the end of this month they are turning 8 weeks old and 4 of them are still looking for a home! If you are looking for a barbet of the old line with a wavy coat and a relaxed temperament a trip to Poland could be a very worthwhile investment! I can assure you that these puppies have gotten the best of care at their breeder Splendeur Dorée Barbets. All puppies are black, and many have some white markings. Beli is the barbet that looks the most like Yatzie from the 20 puppies she has had. The father Billabong is also of the old line barbet with lovely waves. See this blogpost for photos. See also the breeders own website and Facebookpage. If you are interested you can contact me or the breeder Irek directly. 

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