Bigger and bigger

Minimum Margot and Yatzie cuddeling in the sofa. Yatzie's belly is getting bigger and bigger and it is easy to feel the tiny kicks in there. I weighed her at the vet again two days ago and she was then 29 kgs as compared to her normal 25. It is a normal weight gain on day 50. Yatzie is very well, alert when outside, sleeping and eating when inside. Today is day 52 - only 11 days to go! The puppy room is ready, just a few details left. Show you pictures soon!

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  • Brigitte • 13 september 2011 15:15:35
    Hello Elisabeth,
    I'm following your blog and wish you and Yatzie all the best for this birth ! ! ! My thoughts accompanies you , that's right ? ? I hope you'll understand . . .
    Good luck
    brigitte and the Barbets du Soleil du Ventoux ( near Avignon, France)
  • Thanks Brigitte!

    13 september 2011 15:18:50

  • Yoka • 11 september 2011 08:47:03
    Exiting 11 days to go almost there.
  • Mariel • 8 september 2011 23:13:29
    Hi Elisabeth, what a nice blog, wonderful that she still chases ducks now that she's pregnant! Amazing. We're sooooo curious.


  • Willemien • 8 september 2011 21:50:56
    Hej E och Y, följer er från en distans men med mycket glädje och lika mycket förväntningsfullt. Pussar, W och familjen och Silas.

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