Preparing for the upcoming holidays in Italy I have equipped our new Volvo V70 with a Dog guard, dividing the luggage area into two parts to make a big and safe space for Yatzie. I found a good alternative to Volvo’s expensive ones at the Dutch site but when it arrived it was not possible to mount it on the already existing dog guard separating the passenger area with the luggage area (my Dutch not good enough to read the details on the site L). But with some creative help and plastic thread it was finally acceptably stable. The kids were helpful in cleaning the windows to mount the heat screens that was another part of the preparation to make the car trip bearable for both kids and dogs.


On our way to Italy we stayed the night in a very nice hotel in Buochs. Yatzie and I took a morning walk, enjoying the scenery and pondering on the fact that we were going to meet with Chico in La Spezia in only a few hours.

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