A new phase

A new phase of our life started this weekend. Our little family now consists of only 3 dogs - auntie Saartje, mummy Yatzie and daughter Moët - and our two super kids Bas and Margot of course! It is more quiet here, we are slowly getting used to it. Yatzie is still crying periodically in the evenings looking for her puppies. We started taking long walks again, and are getting back to the normal routines. This is good and has to happen. Moët needs her special attention, just like her siblings in their new families. The two months with ten puppies were totally amazing. It was so intense that looking back at it, it almost seems like a dream that I woke up from - a very good dream! Thank you Yatzie, thank you Chico for the beautiful gift you gave the world. I am sure that our little family, through Moët, and all the families now caring for your children will experience many blessed moments of "the spirit of goodness, gentleness and loving kindness" (in French "l'Esprit de bonté" - our kennel name) over the coming 15 years or so! And of course KJ - I will tell you all about everyone always (!) here on the blog!

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