A world outside the small box

With the help of a small fence we today created an area outside of the box where the puppies can start to expereince new things; new materials to walk on, water, new teddy bears etc. Slowly I will introduce new things to them there. When it is time to sleep they will still rest in the box. 

Here are 3 videos of the most daring puppies that explored this new area the very first time we opened it. Carefully they walk this new surface (a yoga carpet, perfect to avoid the slippery floor) and sniffed around everywhere. Moët found it a little bit restless to see her puppies move around like this and joined them in there. 

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  • Ula • 11 oktober 2015 04:29:21
    So am I right that the biggest boy and girl come out first? Benoit and Peliyah??? Surprising since Benoit opened his eyes last. I guess there's nothing stopping these puppies!!!

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