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My life with the French waterdogs Yatzie born 2007 and her daughter Moët born 2011. Barbets are purebred, active, relaxed and allergy friendly dogs with a soft and loving spirit. I am Swedish but live with my dogs in Holland. I hope you will enjoy the blog! Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

2011 > 09

The puppies are wiggeling and staggering in search of mummy. Peeping from hunger. Yatzie enters into the puppy box and they happily start to drink.

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Just some lovely puppy pictures from the past days.

The two brown girls sleep together a lot.

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Still Yatzie does not want to go for any long walks. She runs back as soon as she is ready with her things and stands by the door waiting for me, peeping into the window - where are my little babies? She checks on them and if they are quiet takes a nice rest on our soft and cosy bed! Or in the puppy box. She is worth it! See how slim she is. Right after birth she was back to her normal 25 kg from 31,5 before birth. Her waist was 83 cm and now it is 70. She still has a few kg for the puppies to eat from. Yatzie was never a very thin dog and it feels good that she has enough for the coming few weeks when the puppies start needing more and more milk. Today I saw a change in her appetite, and she now eats her dry puppy food even without raw meat in it.

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Time to start cutting the little claws! They have already grown long and are very sharp. They can hurt the sensitive skin around the bitch's nipples, since the puppies always push around the nipples with their paws to stimulate the milk to flow. Cutting the claws was easier than I had thought (this time - just wait til they are a bit older the pups!) I used a special puppy claw scissor. It was very good. The front paws I did as they were sleeping, the back paws while they were eating! In total 200 little claws were cut. Already one has to be careful not to cut into the pulp of the little claws.

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These are the final names chosen för the puppies. The to-be-owners were able to choose from the list of around a hundred that I had from all of you readers! Thanks! But some had their own favourite champagne name and gave it to their new family member.


Champagne de l'Esprit de bonté

Chandon de l'Esprit de bonté

Clicquot de l'Esprit de bonté

Henriot de l'Esprit de bonté



Moёt de l'Esprit de bonté

Cristal de l'Esprit de bonté

Ayala de l'Esprit de bonté

Ambeloui de l'Esprit de bonté

Elyssia de l'Esprit de bonté

Tsarine de l'Esprit de bonté

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  • oda(hond;Sjaak) • 27 september 2011 15:46:13
    Gefeliciteerd met de prachtige pups. Ze zien er prachtig uit.
    Hartelijke groet,

In this video Yatzie enters into the puppy box when the puppies are still sleeping. They are now 9 days old. She starts to clean them and they slowly wake up. Then they quickly hurry to get to their favourite nipple. Yes, already when they are 5 days old, the puppies have decided on their favourite! But then imagine two puppies having the same favourite!  Well, I sometimes see the stronger puppies pushing another off a nipple. Life in the puppy box is competitive! You can see how the puppies are already starting to push up with their legs.

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  • Helen Koopman • 27 september 2011 21:27:12
    Lieve Yatzie en natuurlijk opa en oma Bart en Elisabeth,
    Wat ontzettend schattig! En wat zullen jullie het er druk mee hebben! We kunnen niet wachten om ze "life" te komen bewonderen. Hopelijk mag 14/10 mijn gips er af en kan ik dus weer lopen! Gefeliciteeeeeeeerd! X De Koopmannetjes

When things are incredibly busy, you haven't had time to leave the house for a week due to 10 little puppies, but would still like to have some friends over for dinner - then home cook Chef Ed is a perfect solution! He plans the dinner, sends out the invitations, gets the ingredients, decorates and sets the table, cooks, serves (with a helper) a whole lot of plates, AND takes the dishes back home. We have never had such a relaxing get together with friends. I was back and forth in the puppy room but also had time to enjoy! Thanks ED! Need him? Send him a mail at He serves in the area of Utrecht, Netherlands.

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  • Kristina • 27 september 2011 14:09:06
    That´s what i call enjoying life. What a wonderful idea with your own chef! You´re worth it.

The puppies are getting more and more lively. Today they started to push up on their legs, not only crawling. They do not walk yet but it looks like it is coming soon. Yatzie, the milk bar, stays longer with them, then she rests to recover and produce more milk for them, to return again when she is ready for it. Most of the puppies have doubled their weight now!

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From now and then there is total peace in the puppy box. Then you just sit there and look at the marvel. Yatzie is still restless from time to time, but can also relax in between the uncomfortable feelings she seems to have inside her uterus. She is after all doing fine.

All of the sisters and brothers together.

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  • Yoka • 23 september 2011 20:57:59
    They are so so so so super cute!
    My thoughts go out to Yatzie!
    It is very nice that we can follow Yatzie and the pups this way.
    There are always adoring pictures.

    Greetz Yoka

We went to vet today and did an ultra sound. Yatzie has an inflammation in the uterus due to some materia left there after the birth. It is not unusual and her inflammation is not severe, but we are taking all necessary precautions to prevent any further negative development. She is on antibiotics as well as a homeopathic medicine. She is despite this most of the time in a good mood. Today she saw a her favourite coot in the canal and wanted to hunt it! But fortunately she was on a leash so I could stop her! Periodically she gets a bit restless, when there are after contractions in the uterus and she starts digging to prepare a new nest. I feel sorry for her then, give her sweet attention and mildly refer her back to the puppy box.

Our very sweet vet Rene Burger has been of great help.

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  • Marga • 22 september 2011 19:58:39
    Good luck Yatzie

The puppies are always resting in between meals but also a mother needs a good rest! During the first week puppies sleep 90 % of the time and the rest of the time, 10 %, they eat.

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"How cosy it is between mamas legs! Hold me tighter!"

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  • Lineke de Jonge • 21 september 2011 21:18:18
    Lieve Yatzie,
    Wat geweldig dat je 10 babyhondjes op de wereld hebt gezet!
    Zorg er maar goed voor, met name voor de laatst geborene.
    Met de hulp van baasje Elisabeth zal het vast wel lukken.
    Groetjes, Lineke de Jonge

  • Yoka • 21 september 2011 20:01:42
    How Sweet Lovely!
  • Alex • 21 september 2011 19:17:23
    Hoi Elisabeth,
    Van harte gefeliciteerd met dit mooie nestje van Yatzie.
    Fijn te zien dat alles goed gaat.
    Geniet ervan, het gaat zo snel!!
  • wilfred • 21 september 2011 15:52:47
    Aaaahhh, supercute!

    Gefeliciteerd! We komen snel kijken

  • Ja, zo schattig! Welkom!

    21 september 2011 16:12:38

Yesterday Yatzie developed a fever. The vet is coming soon. I am afraid it is an inflammation in the uterus. It can rather easily happen after the delivery. She is a bit restless. When the puppies are quiet she leaves the box and walks around digging here and there... Then she lays down to rest outside the box. But as soon as the puppies start making some noise she goes back to them. She is such a sweet mother. Let us hope she will get well quickly!

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  • Yoka • 21 september 2011 20:00:54
    Get well soon Yatzie!
  • Marga • 21 september 2011 14:15:27
    How sad for Yatzie, I hope she will soon recover. Big hug Yatzie
  • Thanks Marga!

    21 september 2011 14:26:21

The last girl is not gaining weight as the others. She is drinking but she seems to have a weak method or is not able to get the plentifull nipples. I try to put her by the big nipples but I also sond feed her 5 times a day. The sterilised sond brings the puppy milk straight into the belly. This is a sure method to know that the puppy will get enough milk and develop well.

See how tiny the puppies still are.

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  • Yoka • 21 september 2011 20:02:15

When naming a litter it is common to use a theme. We have decided to give the puppies names of champagnes since they were born on my birthday. Moët, Chandon, Dom Pérignon are all excellent dog names in my eyes that also go very well together with the French name of the kennel. Now you can help me finding other suitable names, maybe you have a favourite champagne? Let me know - the line is open a few days for your suggestions! On Friday I must send the names to the Dutch kennel club. The last girl, our dessert, will get her name from a delicious dessert wine from a vineyard that we visited in Italy this past summer!


PS Thanks for the great champagne idea Brigitte - we will have a champagne toast one day! DS

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  • Kristina Åsentorp • 21 september 2011 18:54:15
    Vore snyggt med en raritet, Clicquot, en Champagne som bärgats från ett vrak utanför Åland. Ett bra namn på en pojk valp kanske? / Kristina Åsentorp
  • Judith en Whoopi • 20 september 2011 22:43:54
    Congratulations! What a wonderful (dogs)mother you have and what a beautiful site you are making of Yatzie's life. It is very inspiring! I will keep on reading it with great pleasure. Good luck.
  • Brigitte • 20 september 2011 21:33:55
    Elbert and I already did several champagne toasts on your bubbles puppies last Saturday, but we sure like to do it over again together with you and Bart, Elisabeth! My contribute to name suggestions: my first thought of course was the delicious champagne my family found in France, it was called 'Waller', just as our family name! And after you tasted all those brands, you only can think of 'Bulles' (Bubbles) or 'Mousseux' (Sparkling). Hips...
  • Yoka • 20 september 2011 17:17:59
    Armand de Brignac Brut Gold
    Mumm Cuvée R. Lalou
    Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill
    Chartogne-Taillet Fiacre
    Roederer Cristal Rosé
    Moët et Chandon

    Groetjes Yoka
  • Joachim Svinhufvud • 20 september 2011 13:52:52
    Since your Kennelname is rather long, I suggest that you give the ten puppies short and good Champagne names such as.
    1. Fleury
    2. Mumm
    3. Pommery
    4. Tsarine
    5. Veuve Clicquot
    6. Franck Bonville
    7. Charles Lafitte
    8. Bruno Paillard
    9. Raoul Collet
    14.Guy Charlemagne

    That was all from the south of Sweden

    Good luck
  • Tack Joachim - du är alltid så kreativ!

    20 september 2011 14:37:31

  • Lori van Handel • 20 september 2011 09:52:29
    I think for sure one puppy should be named after a Cremant de Bourgogne...a sparkling wine of Burgundy, France...there is one called:

    Veuve Ambal

    This is made not far from Cluny and would be a special memory for you for the first trip you took with Yatzie to start her life of motherhood. Remember, Nancy and I stayed also one month after you did at La Maison de Gardes, so we have the same memories!
  • Yes Lori, those are great memories!

    20 september 2011 14:38:02

  • lori van handel • 20 september 2011 09:36:53

    !!!! Have Fun!

Just want to let you know that all the puppies are doing fine, also the last one is now eagerly drinking and slowly gaining weight! It has been very busy - I am serving Yatzie drink and food, Yatzie is serving the puppies 24 hours. She refuses to go out even for a pee, but has to of course. So I drag her out twice a day and she drags me back! Sometimes I see some desparation in her eyes, it is a lot for her. But this morning she kissed my face when she saw me, the way she always used to do. It was a sign to me that she is getting a little more back to herself and getting used to the new task as a mother of 10.

Some are busy eating.
Others are busy sleeping!

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  • Bart • 20 september 2011 16:58:42
    I'm so proud of our Yatzie dear!!
    She deserves a big bowl of Champagne!

Late at night yet another puppy appeared! So the final result is 6-4 to the girls! The birthgiving took all together 9 ½ hours. The preparation time was also very long, so Yatzie and I stayed awake for 48 hours - from Friday morning until Sunday morning.  All the puppies are doing very well gaining weight already. Only the last girl is still not sucking perfectly. So she screams all the time poor thing. Yatzie gives her much attention, but sometimes it is too much for her and she tells her to shut up by standing up barking at her! But when I take her away to bottle feed her Yatzie is really concerned and tries to take her from my hand back into the rest of the family. Now we will both try to get some rest. Will post pictures of all the puppies soon! Two have white chests and one of those also has white sportsocks! 


Thanks everyone for all the good wishes!

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  • Anna • 19 september 2011 14:08:01
    Wow, känns helt otroligt med 10 små valpar! Hoppas du får chans att vila ut efter din vaka, och att Yatzie mår bra. Och så håller jag tummen för den lilla tionde! Great news, och ser fram emot att få höra fortsättningen! :)
  • yoka • 19 september 2011 09:37:21
    Vilken överraskning med en valp!
    Det var en lång och svår arbetsmarknad, så att läsa.
    En härlig tid som krävs.
    Super bilder att se.
    Söt att se.
    Hälsningar Yoka

  • Karl-Johan • 18 september 2011 21:05:47
    Ett jättegrattis till er! Elva nospussar m.a.o. ;-)
  • Marga • 18 september 2011 20:50:57
    Very much success with the last one Elizabeth. I hope she will make it.
    At first some sleep

On my birthday Yatzie gave birth to 9 puppies: 5 girls (3 black, 2 brown) and 4 boys (3 black and 1 brown). Yatzie is a wonderful mother, giving the puppies her full attention. She has a lot of milk in her 10 nipples. Well done Yatzie! What an unforgettable birthday!

This little one was the first one to come - look at her tail standing right up! She knows she is special!

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  • margot • 18 september 2011 19:48:26
    Ik vind ze zo erg lief en schattig!!!!!!!!!
    Ik vind het super leuk dat ik er bij was!!
    Groetjes margot
  • Ik vind het ook super leuk dat dat je er was. Wat een goede helper je was! Jammer dat Bas niet in staat was om daar te zijn. Ik hoop dat hij zich beter voelt! Kussen van mij, Yatzie en de pups

    18 september 2011 20:01:23

  • Päivi • 18 september 2011 19:27:55
    Great news! Congratulations!!
  • Ewa Thurfjell • 18 september 2011 18:04:57
    Grattis till valparna
  • Julia • 18 september 2011 10:46:54
    Stort grattis till de små!
  • Marga • 18 september 2011 10:46:22
    Congratulations Elisabeth and Yatzie, 9 puppies, wonderful and also a birthday gift like my puppies. Our barbetgirls are doing well to give us the most precious gift.
    A lot of succes with the little ones. Are they all okay?
  • Gunnel Svinhufvud • 18 september 2011 10:14:22
    GRATTIS till valparna!!! önskar Gunnel, Joachim och hundarna.
  • Melise • 18 september 2011 09:39:52
    NAWW!sååå söta! hoppas att jag kan komma och se dom någon gång :)
  • Tomasz • 18 september 2011 08:54:52
    Bravo Yatzie, bravo little ones. What a great day.
  • Renate • 18 september 2011 07:12:01
    WOW! Great news! I wish you a wonderful time with Yatzie and her puppies in the coming weeks.
  • Elaine • 18 september 2011 04:37:52
    Bravo Elisabeth for your commitment and determination. It paid off and symbolically, on YOUR birthday!

Last night when Yatzie came up the stairs to sleep, she went to her puppy box and started digging. Then she got up on the bed beside me asking for attention. Bart asked: What is she telling you?  She told me the puppies will come very soon! I have been monitoring her temperature and this morning it went down 1 degree which is a sign that the puppies will probably come within 24 hours. If they are born Saturday it will be the most beautiful birthday present I could ever have imagined! I trimmed Yatzie's big puppy belly this morning - isn't it looking fantastic?

Mother-to-be! Yatzie is quietly waiting for her puppies to come.

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  • Tracey • 18 september 2011 15:25:09
    Congratulations, Yatzie and Elisabeth!!!
  • Tomasz • 17 september 2011 20:51:07
    It seems that the night will be long :)
  • Brigitte • 17 september 2011 18:23:33
    All my thoughts go to you ! !
    Wish you a good birth and lots of nice puppies . . .
    take care . . . Brigitte
  • Marga • 17 september 2011 12:31:27
    Lots of succes for you and Yatzie!!
  • Yoka • 16 september 2011 13:17:30
  • Marie Widblom • 16 september 2011 12:05:09
    Hoppas allt går bra.Lycka till.
  • Marianne • 16 september 2011 11:46:02
    Wow, only a few hours to go. This must be really something for you, as is already very exciting for us.
    Elisabeth, your pictures tell so much, thanks for sharing them! Lots of love for you all,


Yatzie is a hot dog. I mean, she gets very warm and can not stand the heat and the sun. Unlike our labrador, who loves to lie in front of the fireplace, Yatzie looks for windows and doors to keep cool. To  make her comfortable during the puppy period, and also for hygenic reasons, I shaved her yesterday. And as you can see the word hot dog has two meanings - she looks like a stuffed hot dog! Now you can clearly see the big belly that was hiding under the fur! She is in a very good mood, more active than ever, running, swimming. Maybe some happy mother-to-be hormones are at work!

Can you believe that this dog is going to have puppies in just a few days?

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Yatzie´s belly is like a balloon these days. But it is difficult to capture it on a photo. I try below but it does not come out so well. One can see the puppies moving now. They are very lively sometimes! We visited a new vet today that will be stand by during the delivery if assistance is needed. Yatzie is perfect in weight, 31 kg, and there is already plenty of milk! She measures 84 cm around her belly. Well done Yatzie! Last night I washed her but she already went for a swim in the not so clean canals of this country... But I like that she wants to swim so I allow her. Will wash her again before the delivery. 6 days to go!

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The room for the puppies is ready, with the puppy box in a corner and a lot of space for the puppies to run around - before they invade the rest of the house! I left a desk with storage room in the room for the things needed for the delivery and the care of the puppies. There is also space enough for a matress. I will sleep there the first period. The floor is soft and warm, yet easy to keep clean. I put a thick, soft carpet underneath a rather solid vinyl carpet that reaches up the walls a bit, to prevent any water to ruin the wooden floor beneath. I am very happy with the result. It is light and harmonious but also practical. The puppy box I made from a book shelf we already had. I had a door cut out and screwed it on with hinges on the bottom so that it when it is open makes an exit/entrance ramp for the puppies. I will attach anti-sliding tape on it. I have also prepared a small gate for the main door opening that I will screw onto wooden logs that I attached to the wall. This is for the first few weeks after the puppies leave the puppy box and start moving. For the last period a higher gate will be used. Yatzie is if possible even bigger now... The belly is hard. She is doing very well. So joyfully running outside still. I have to keep her on a leash to prevent her from running after rabbits in her normal speed. Only 7 days left!

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Etiketter: puppy room, werpkist

Minimum Margot and Yatzie cuddeling in the sofa. Yatzie's belly is getting bigger and bigger and it is easy to feel the tiny kicks in there. I weighed her at the vet again two days ago and she was then 29 kgs as compared to her normal 25. It is a normal weight gain on day 50. Yatzie is very well, alert when outside, sleeping and eating when inside. Today is day 52 - only 11 days to go! The puppy room is ready, just a few details left. Show you pictures soon!

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  • Brigitte • 13 september 2011 15:15:35
    Hello Elisabeth,
    I'm following your blog and wish you and Yatzie all the best for this birth ! ! ! My thoughts accompanies you , that's right ? ? I hope you'll understand . . .
    Good luck
    brigitte and the Barbets du Soleil du Ventoux ( near Avignon, France)
  • Thanks Brigitte!

    13 september 2011 15:18:50

  • Yoka • 11 september 2011 08:47:03
    Exiting 11 days to go almost there.
  • Mariel • 8 september 2011 23:13:29
    Hi Elisabeth, what a nice blog, wonderful that she still chases ducks now that she's pregnant! Amazing. We're sooooo curious.


  • Willemien • 8 september 2011 21:50:56
    Hej E och Y, följer er från en distans men med mycket glädje och lika mycket förväntningsfullt. Pussar, W och familjen och Silas.

Today I felt the little kicks from the puppies for the first time! WOW! So fantastic to experience. Since I can not take a photo of that I add one of the first I have of Yatzie as a puppy. So good to remember those days four years ago when she came into my life and turned it upside down! We have experienced so much together since that day; we have travelled many countries and made many new friends. Having fun as well as struggeling together, learning what dog training is all about. And we have spent hours and hours just enjoying each others company in love and respect from both sides. Big words maybe, but that is really how I feel with Yatzie. My star, my love, now entering a new phase of her life - the beautiful experience of being a mother!

Yatzie as puppy 8 weeks old

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  • Yoka • 11 september 2011 08:46:01
    Cute and beautiful at the same time lovely!

This morning Yatzie found some coots (sothöna) in the canal outside our house that she suddenly decided to hunt down. She finds these kinds of birds the most interesting here in Holland. They make a funny, squeeky sound, maybe that is why. She swam up and down the canal for half an hour! So determined! Sometimes they flew away a little bit, then she got up on the grass and ran after them, barking just to jump into the water again further down the canal searching for them deep inside the weed. I considered swimming a very good, gentle exercise for a pregnant lady - until I realized that she was dragging around kilos of weed from the water around her neck! Yatzie is more alert lately and runs more. Maybe the puppies are giving her a break in their development. These puppies will be bird hunters for sure, not only through their genes, but through experience even before they are born!

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We can hear the tiny heartbeats! One of the to-be puppy owners, who is a mid wife, lent us a professional foetal doppler with a special gel. It is fantastic how well one can hear the little hearts ticking in Yatzie's belly. Moving the doppler around I heard at least 4 different beats! Yatzies belly is so big - I wonder how many puppies there really are?! Click on the sound track below if you want to hear the heart beats.

Etiketter: puppies sept 2011

A barbet book!

The first book about the barbet published in Europe is here! 308 pages, 300 photos, in hardback  for years of enjoyment. Order the book here: The book is available in English and Dutch and can be shipped to all countries!
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Authours: Elisabeth Roest Kempemo and Brigitte Waller-Rengelink. 

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  • June • 4 juni 2016 16:31:26
    Beautiful Barbets! Has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years to have a Barbet of my own! Someday! ;)

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