Raw Meat as kibbles - perfect for vacation

Want to continue feeding your dog raw meat during vacation? K9 Natural, is a freeze dried raw meat, in "kibbles", that keeps for months. I used this during the whole vacation and the dogs love it and had perfect digestion and stools - no grass eating (only through the paw!). You just add a little luke warm water and it is ready! It comes in a family pack of 4 kgs or smaller 500 gr bags. It is a complete food, with minerals and vitamins, totally pure, no grains or wheat added. I totally recommend this product for those of you that like to feed raw meat. And for those who do not - maybe this simple formula would make you want to try? It is recommended to also give the dog a chewy bone now and then for the teeth and for the fun of chewing as well. Comes as beef and lamb. www.k9natural.com

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