Spoon feeding the very best food

Moët is getting rather picky about what she wants to eat. When your darling dog is pregnant you do all you can to make sure she gets enough nourishment. A few weeks ago I started adding wet food to the high quality dry food she has been eating lately, of the same good brand, to increase the level of protein and fat. I mixed dry with wet and she loved it. After a while she realized the wet was tastier and that she could lick it off the dry correls.... Now we have come to the state where she eats only wet... And she decides which tin she wants as well :-) ! And if she is tired she will get her food in a bowl where she is laying down and to get that little extra I even feed her with a spoon! She eats three or four times per day, and Yatzie gets small portions that often as well, to keep it fair. I serve Moët with love and she is happily carrying these sweet babies around and getting larger and larger! We are a good team!

Look at this lovely belly full with milk for the puppies!
Look at this lovely belly full with milk for the puppies!

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  • Sven • 11 september 2015 12:40:43
    Nothing but the best! ;-)

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