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Moët has 9 nipples full of milk, and with her 7 puppies two of them are not being used. The puppies prefer the 7 lowest ones, they are easier to get to and larger aswell. Therefore the top nipples are filled with unused up milk. In most cases this milk will dry out and cause no problem, but in some cases an inflammation can occur. Moët has a temperaature on the higher end, but it is also normal the first few days after the delivery. But to be sure she is ok I asked our veterinary Renee Burger to come to check on her. She found Moët in a good state and there is no need to worry. I just have to keep an eye on those nipples to make sure they don't get too hard and inflamed.

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  • Anja • 22 september 2015 19:01:06
    Good to know all is well with the gorgeous mother!

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