Tiny belly kicks

Today I felt the little kicks from the puppies for the first time! WOW! So fantastic to experience. Since I can not take a photo of that I add one of the first I have of Yatzie as a puppy. So good to remember those days four years ago when she came into my life and turned it upside down! We have experienced so much together since that day; we have travelled many countries and made many new friends. Having fun as well as struggeling together, learning what dog training is all about. And we have spent hours and hours just enjoying each others company in love and respect from both sides. Big words maybe, but that is really how I feel with Yatzie. My star, my love, now entering a new phase of her life - the beautiful experience of being a mother!

Yatzie as puppy 8 weeks old

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  • Yoka • 11 september 2011 08:46:01
    Cute and beautiful at the same time lovely!

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