Barbet friends in Holland

In Holland Yatzie has some very good Barbet friends -  Toutes and Fraise from the Barbedoux kennel. Toutes and Friase were not into hunting before they met Yatzie. She taught them the joy of it (sorry Brigitte!) and here they are hunting together in the waters of Noorder park in Utrecht. When Yatzie is hunting she forgets about me  - for about 5 minutes. Then she comes flying to catch up with me! Just to disappear again the next second...

Etiketter: toutes fraise

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  • Yoka • 7 augusti 2011 21:52:11

    I know toutes, fraise and saw them with Brigitte.
    The dogs are very sweet and beautiful.
    brigitte told us the character set of the Barbet and acquainted us with her dogs.
    it's a small world.
    nice pictures too.

    Gr. Yoka

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