Yatzie meets a wolf!

Isn't it amazing how dogs know danger from instinct? This stuffed wolf was standing in a hotel and Yatzie was very scared of it. Look at her timid posture. But what a brave girl! She overcame her fear and after some hesitation decided to approach it (I put some sweets for her below the face of the wolf). But she never turned her back towards the wolf. Last winter we saw traces of wolf by our house. I am glad we never met one IRL...

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  • Yoka • 19 augusti 2011 20:40:09
    Hennes kroppsspråk säger allt.
    Jag hoppas att detta är rätt översatt på svenska?

    Gr. Yoka
  • Perfekt svenska Yoka!

    21 augusti 2011 23:17:15

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