Special meal by the cleaned mother

Today Moët was relaxed enough to leave the puppies for a few minutes to get a quick shower. The bitch gets rather messy during the birth, as you can imagine, and it is nice to shower that off after a few days. The first days you don't want to bother the mother with such things. After the shower I let her dry up on my bed, which is right by the puppy box these first weeks, to spare the puppies from getting wet and cold. And the hungriest of them all (purple boy) got a special meal there all alone! Ooops - a small accident there on the sheets... Never mind, can be washed :-) ! 

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  • Sven • 22 september 2015 20:04:55
    Geweldig....speciale behandeling voor de hongerlap en dat nog op een lekker comfortabel matras ook. Luxe!

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