On the grooming table

Even though my ambition is to groom my dogs myself time is scarse and I do not do it perfectly yet. So I asked my Barbet friend and groomer Brigitte Waller to help fix the dogs up for some upcoming shows. I was glad to see that Moët behaved so well on the table. She almost fell asleep while Brigitte was working on her feet! When it comes to Yatzie she is on heat, and caught much attention from Brigittes stay-over Barbet - he is supposed to be castrated but it did not show :-) ! I have never really seen Yatzie's fur so blown out and puffed up before. It looks so funny. But after a first dip in the water it was back to her normal soft curls! As a reward after many hours on the grooming table the dogs and we had a nice walk in the sunny fall weather. Nice to see so many Barbets running free together!

Nice rest in the cold mud!

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