Mother and daughter - a comparison

Moët is almost 2 and has reached her final bouw. Yatzie and Moët have the same short fur now, which allows for their body structure to show very well, so I made comparitive photos of them. I also measured them to make a detailed comparison between mother and daughter. Below are the results: 


  Luddelumps Ester aka Yatzie  Moët de l'Esprit de Bonté 
Height at the withers, from the shoulder blade to the ground 54 52,5 
Thoracic perimeter
Height at pelvic bone
Length of the body from the foremost point of the shoulder blade to the furthest end of the pelvic bone 57 54  
Length of neck from the skull to the shoulders 19 21
Length of face, from nose to stop
Length of head, from nose to ociput
Breast height, from withers to the brisket
Weight kg 24  20

In general Moët is "one size smaller" than Yatzie, she is 1,5 cm lower and her body is 3 cm shorter. She weighs only 20 kgs compared to Yatzie's 24. Still I must feed Moët 50% more than Yatzie because of her higher energy level! Moët distinguishes herself with a higher neck. Both tails are well hooked, but Yatzie's hook is more apparent. Below I place a photo of their tails in excited pose as well, where they have exactly the same expression. Ears and tails are correctly placed. Their hooks are well angulated. Both have big, wide noses. 

Just as in their appearence their characters also differ very much! Yatzie is open to human strangers, Moët reluctant in the beginning. Moët is more open to other dogs than Yatzie and more playful. Moët has more energy and runs faster. Yatzie likes to sleep in but Moët is early up (and earlier in bed)! They both love to cuddle, but Moët a little bit longer than Yatzie. Moët loves to sit in our laps and jumps up herself. Yatzie accepts it with some reluctance when we lift her up but loves to sit near us on the couch. Yatzie is more stubborn than Moët and has a higher level of independency. Both are as loving and loyal to their family and kiss our faces forever when we let them! We love them both as dearly with all their differences!

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