The first barbecue

The first barbecue of this season was an eventful one! First our dear neighbour's beagle Tupak stole the cork screw and ate the cork! Then Saartje fell into the garden pond, as she was trying to catch a piece of the delicious Dutch herring that was served as a starter. We did not know the pond was so deep, but Saartje totally disappeared, to both her and our surprise! When she was dried off Yatzie proudly presented an old bone from dried skin (you know those white ones) that Tupak with much care had hidden in the garden, before the snow fell. The first one I got a hold of and threw away, as well as the second, but when Yatzie, who has a good nose, continued to find those delicacies, she finally was allowed to eat one... Tupak also started looking for his old treasures, hiding them in safer places, under the branches or under the terass, pushing the soil over them, so sweet! Finally we were able to welcome the first early summer evening with a toast in nice rosé! Thanks John and Yvonne for a great evening!

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