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Yatzies fur is now up to 13 cm long! I have never left it growing this long before, so it is a little experiment. The fur ends turn more and more into brown. They form beautiful curls, but under the surface... MATS!!!!! Yatzie has the silky kind of Barbet fur, not woolly, and it does not normally form mats. But now, especially on her neck blow the ears and by her hips, big areas of mats are forming. Today I spent 2 hours combing through just four areas of mats! I use the front end of a comb to entangle them little by little. The result - a big heap of fur and a very woolly Yatzie. Yes, after combing through the mats the fur gets a woolly feel and look. In a few weeks I have an appointment to groom her, I am looking forward to it because these mats are hard work!

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  • Anna Neld • 20 januari 2011 07:09:58
    Hej Elisabeth och Yatzie! Vi här hemma saknar er otroligt mycket och hoppas ni kommer hem så snart som möjligt. Jättefina bilder du har tagit. Många kramar från familjen!,,
  • Tack Anna, och vi saknar er också jättemycket!

    21 januari 2011 13:45:10

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