Sunny Champagne litter meeting

Saturday four of the six Dutch puppies from Yatzie's Champagne litter came to visit us for the first time all together: Charley (Henriot), Fenna (Elyssia), Hunter (Chandon) och Teddie (Ayala). And Moët of course! The sun that had not been around for days shone on us the whole day and we had a wonderful day. The puppies played constantly for five-six hours. No grumbeling, no fights what so ever. They only took a time out to eat Margot's appreciated dog birthday cake as we were singing for Yatzie for her 5-year birthday. Moët had already started eating from it, jumping up on the table. Fortunately someone saw her before it was all gone...

I and Yatzie demonstrated the popular dog sport Rally obedience and the puppies got to try a track of 20 stations. We then drove to a nearby lake where the dogs could run freely and do some water work. Yatzie became the hero when she did a very far out retreive of a dummy that was floating away with the wind. Thanks Yatzie - Martijn who volunteered to get it ;-) did not need to get himself wet! Towards the end we tried to make a group picture but gave up - it was easier handling the ten small puppies than these few excited half grown up ones! The males were already higher than Yatzie and the size of the bitches differed a little. The fur vary a bit on all of them, some wavy, some curly. But they all have that open and friendly character that is the trade mark of our beloved race Barbet! Videos will be added later on.

Celebrating Yatzie with yummie dog cake!

Mariel with Fenna
Hans, Fenna's dad, and Yatzie are very good friends!
Gert with Charley
Charley and Teddie playing
Charley and Moët in a whirl wind
Moët playing "let me push you under the water" in the canal with Charley

Rally obedience demonstration

Mariel with Fenna trying the rally obedience

By the lake

Moët surrounded by her big brothers, Hunter (right) and Charley
Charley making sure Moët gets out of that interesting hole!
Happy now Big brother?
Nathalie rewarding Teddie
Great chaos trying to arrange a group photo, despite Yatzie role modelling perfectly.

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  • Pim Valborgsdotter • 16 april 2012 23:02:27
    They are just amazing this dogs! And so lovely to see people around them so happy and full of life! Good work, Elisabeth!!

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