The Barbet trunk-climber

Yatzie climbs trees like a cat! Yes, she is actually on the trunk of the tree on the picture (even though it looks like she is on the ground behind it!). She balances there patiently, crabbing hold with her claws, while I take the picture! The trick is to place some sweets in the tree and then you can be sure she does all that she can to get them! She learned this as a puppy and loves to climb in trees and search for sweets. Moët tries to do the same but does not have the same focus as Yatzie, she is still very "jumpy" and puppy-like, and falls off easily.

Some people thought the above photo was a trick photo. So I add shot from another angle to convince you that Yatzie is really on that trunk!

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  • mamma • 17 november 2012 16:44:42
    Detta är väl ett fototrick? Kram, förresten. Du ka väl ringa på Skype, det var ett tag sedan.
    Kram, mamma

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