The puppy box is ready

This weekend saw a lot of  preparations for the arrival of the puppies. I made the puppy box already for Yatzie's previous litter, from an old book shelf. It worked out very well. This year I decided to add a few things to the box. First of all I made a mattress from the filling of an old couch from the neighbours. I cut out the foam in the correct measurementd and ordered a perfectly fitting matress cover from Internet, see I choose fake leather, easy to wipe off. I also ordered an extra cover, with elastics, that I can use later on for Yatzie just to sleep on. It will be a nice and soft mattress.
At the entrance of the box I attached thin wood skirtings left over in out shed, on both sides of the opening in order to be able to build up the height of the opening as the puppies grow. I had wood from the same bookshelf cut out at a caarpenter shop in 5 and 10 cms height. Finally I added wood poles on both sides to hang a blanket on as a ceiling. Yatzie loves to sleep under stairs and tables, and I think she will find this cosy. It also helps prevent from draft. The floor I covered with the linoleum carpet I bought last time, just had to recut it a little. So we are all set to receive the little ones!

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  • Corine en Wouter • 3 februari 2014 17:13:45
    Wauw, dat is een mooie werpkist geworden! Yatzie zal het vast een heerlijk prinsessenbed voor haar en de pups vinden!
    Wij wachten in spanning mee :-)


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