The growing belly

Moët has now entered into week 6 of her pregnancy. Her behaviour is somewhat changed in that she is a bit more quiet at home, and does not jump as high when I ask Shall we go for a walk? But she still loves the walks and runs ahead of Yatzie like she always did. During week three and four she was more hesitant to eat, dogs can have morning sickness and a feeling of nausea just like pregnant women, but I found a very good cure for that: wet food mixed with her dry! She loves it! She has already gained 1,5 kg, which is a lot on day 38, but I am trusting her to eat just what she needs, that is what she always did. I can clearly see her growing belly now and it is so cute! Only 3 1/2 weeks to go!

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  • Tanja • 28 augusti 2015 16:03:11
    I check every day for news
  • Tanja • 27 augusti 2015 21:44:49
    It is wonderful to be able to follow her development. Moet looks absolutely marvellous!
  • Glad you take part of it Tanja!

    27 augusti 2015 22:25:36

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