Oh what a mess!

Moët seems to agree totally with my timing that now the puppies should start eating solid food. Tonight after having prepared the puppy box upstairs for the night I came down to the living room and saw Moët sitting very content on her big pillow in the puppy area and the puppies were busy beside her doing something else. Strange I thought, they usually never leave her alone when she is with them. Then I saw the big mess! Moët had vomited her food for the puppies. Does not sound so nice but this is what the bitches do to teach the puppies to eat other food and stop drinking from her, thus natures own weaning process! I am very proud of her. The food was perfectly fresh, I had just served it to her. Fortunately the puppies had been trying the same food two days ago, it was a wet version of the same brand of dry food they had this morning, so I think their bellys will agree. We will see in the morning.... Puppy stomachs are very sensitive and one must be very careful with what to give them to eat this early period of their life. 

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  • Tanja • 23 oktober 2015 19:49:58
    So amazing how strong a mother's instinct is. Well done Moët! These pups get the best start in life ever!

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