Lovin' it - terrain hunting!

Being Yatzie's actual birthday I thought I'd give her the best treat she could ever imagine - two hours in a new, unexplored terrain with water, birds and rabbits. Yatzie had a ball, I did not see much of her. She just checks on me once every few minutes and disappears again. Thick low bushes she finds very exciting. She runs around looking for rabbits, sniffing the holes. In the high grass she could smell a pheasant, just one meter from her side it flew up. Then down to the riverside looking for the disappeard bird. No luck so a quick zip and dip and then run, run, run again. Her toungue got longer and longer, til she finally after 2 hours of running ended up in the water, just standing there cooling down for 10 minutes. Then started the cleaning up process - thorny bushes, thistles all entangled in her long fur! She does a lot herself but some of it I must get out of course. Usually I keep finding small thorns in her skin and fur many days afterwards. I think Yatzie was a very happy birthday dog today! And I look through my fingers for a day and just let her happily roam around in her true element!

A messy, dirty, happy birthday dog!

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  • Tracey • 27 april 2011 08:47:57
    Beautiful photos!
  • KJ • 14 april 2011 06:43:17
    Grattis på födelsedagen och till en härlig hunddag!
    Vilka sköna aktivitetsbilder du fångat från dagen.
    /hälsar Kalle och Anna - Voff från Ruffa!

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