Preparing for puppy invasion

It was a busy weekend! Saturday we prepared downstairs for the coming puppy invasion! The puppies are growing and need both more space and mental stimulation. Bas and Margot helped in the making of a fence to divide half of our living room into a big puppy playground. The floor is covered with vinyl and the couch has been moved so that it serves as a fence as well as "laddder" for the adults dog to be able to move in the whole house. The puppy box has been moved downstairs so that the puppies also have a known secluded area to rest. All little holes have been blocked to keep the puppies where we want them to be! Electrical cords have been secured. We are ready for the invasion and looking forward  to it! There is still an area on the top floor where the puppies will sleep in the night and spend part of the day.

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