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My life with the French waterdogs Yatzie born 2007 and her daughter Moët born 2011. Barbets are purebred, active, relaxed and allergy friendly dogs with a soft and loving spirit. I am Swedish but live with my dogs in Holland. I hope you will enjoy the blog! Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

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Moët does not want to play with Yatzie during our morning walks any longer, so Yatzie has to find ways to entertain herself! Here she is shaving off a stick on the basketball court by the nearby school. When that was done she went to cool off in the canal. 

She is getting heavier, the pregnant lady, but she is still able to jump up in your lap! Moët just loves to lie like this - totally spread out and relaxed. We had some lovely weather this weekend - so we were both enjoying!

Look at those sweet, loving eyes...
Look at those sweet, loving eyes...

Last night we could enjoy this lovely sunset during our evening walk around Strijkviertel lake. 

Dog fetus 40 days old Dog fetus 40 days old

When you have a pregnant "dog child" (a word I learned from one of the to-be puppy owners!) you become very intensely involved in what is happening inside that little body. For Moët, this is her first experience of carrying life inside her womb. Today is day 38 and earlier this week, by day 35, the embryos became fetuses - their eyelids have appeared, their ears have formed, the toes have separated and all their organs have begun to develop. The coming weeks the foetuses will grow with an amzing speed. At this moment they are approximately 4 cm long. That takes up quite a lot of space in the little womb if you carry 7 puppies!

Last night Moët came to my bed, she looked at me as if she wanted help. She looked a bit lost, and a little afraid. I got out of the bed and then she screamed once and threw herself on a thick bedcover that was laying on the floor.  I was afraid she had eaten something bad and had stomach pain, and needed to go out, so I took her out. But that was not the case. You know what I think? I believe that she for the first time felt her puppies inside her belly, and it was a strange and scary feeling for her. I sat down close together with her on the sofa for half an hour and I kept stroking her and talking softly. Then she quietly went to sleep and today she has been just fine! What special moments you may share with your dog child when you listen and give her the deserved attention. 

Moët has now entered into week 6 of her pregnancy. Her behaviour is somewhat changed in that she is a bit more quiet at home, and does not jump as high when I ask Shall we go for a walk? But she still loves the walks and runs ahead of Yatzie like she always did. During week three and four she was more hesitant to eat, dogs can have morning sickness and a feeling of nausea just like pregnant women, but I found a very good cure for that: wet food mixed with her dry! She loves it! She has already gained 1,5 kg, which is a lot on day 38, but I am trusting her to eat just what she needs, that is what she always did. I can clearly see her growing belly now and it is so cute! Only 3 1/2 weeks to go!

When Bas came home from school today he found Moët under my desk - and soon there were two cuddeling under there! 

Moët loves the water - and takes a dip several times a day if she may!  But she hates being wet when she comes home! So even though I do my best to dry her off with a towel she spends up to half an hour licking her self dry - as if she was a cat! Yatzie is too lazy to care about being wet - or she just does not mind, like most dogs! 

What a happy day -  the ultrasound shows many tiny hearts beating in Moët's belly! Moët did so well in her first experience of an ultrasound. Though you could see that she found it a bit scary she relaxed in the end and laid so quiet. It keeps amazing me how dogs are able to accept all the things we do to them. They are a perfect example of trust! 

Moët in her element, running loose on the heathers. I have to say she listens quite well! 

Moët collected three of these big, beautiful thistles - I had to make a photo of them! Fortunately, because they were very fresh, I could carefully remove them without traces of thistle parts in the fur - which is usually the case ;-( 

Simply a sweet photo of Moët from a new perspective. From whichever angle -  I find her adorable!

Behind this gate is a huge field, where many rabbits have their homes... It has happened a few times that my barbets ran off after rabbits here, while I was unattentive during the walk on a path nearby. This time I kept them leashed, not to take any risk. since, if Moët is pregnant (which I hope and believe), this is the period of the pregnancy when the fetuses stick to the uterus and the bitch should not be over exhausted.

We are back home after our adventurous vacation. We don't often leave the dogs behind, but in the cinema they are unfortunately not allowed :-(. After being left home alone for a couple hours this is how happy Yatzie and Moët become when we arrive! They always start playing with each when something makes them very happy!

A barbet book!

The first book about the barbet published in Europe is here! 308 pages, 300 photos, in hardback  for years of enjoyment. Order the book here: The book is available in English and Dutch and can be shipped to all countries!
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Authours: Elisabeth Roest Kempemo and Brigitte Waller-Rengelink. 

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    Beautiful Barbets! Has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years to have a Barbet of my own! Someday! ;)

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