Happy sweet Clicquot

Clicquot quickly connected with his new boss Dennis. It was as if he knew. Last night he had a hard time going to rest, moved around 20 times until he finally fell asleep. He never used to do that. Maybe he knew that it was his last night here. Dennis brought a cabin bag and Clicquot was still small enough to fit in it and travel in the cabin. We had been rather concerned, especially since he was a big eater! He now weighed 5,5 kg. Cliquot will live near nature in Edsbyn in central Sweden. He will share a house with 4 cats, a rabbit, mum and dad and 2 children. He is a lively dog with a happy and sweet character, he loves to kiss and bite (!) your face so I have quite some scars from him as a memory! I enjoyed having hin here a little longer - and so did Yatzie who loved to play with him. He could be a bit too forward sometimes and I think Yatzie, just as she did with Champagne, needed to teach him many things. "We will come see you next summer Clicquot! Then you can show me and mummy Yatzie and your sister Moët the big forests around your house. But first tell Yatzie not to chase the cats and the rabbit!"

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  • KJ • 26 november 2011 12:04:32
    Tack för att du delat med så rikt av valparnas första tid hos dig/er. Det har varit både härligt och hjärtskärande att följa med, på samma gång. Man har förstått att det varit en härlig tid, men hu va' det måste varit jobbigt med alla avsked?!
    Du inser väl att vi nu måste få uppföljningar för alla (som den om Beli). Alltid ;-)!
  • Kicki • 26 november 2011 11:30:37
    Finally we got our dog home to sweden, the flight was alright, he slept all of the time and the car trip home to us went fine. This first morning in our house he has been walking around, playing with dog toys and he also has been to the forrest two times for long walks with Jonna och Dennis. He seem to accept us as much as we accept him.

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