No one like Isa

Say the name Isa and Yatzie goes wild! Isa is a Portugese water dog, 9 months younger than Yatzie. They first met when Yatzies was around 1 ½. They immediately became best friends, play mates, a hunting team; they rest together, eat together and just enjoy life together. But every time they meet, Yatzie demands from Isa to lie down on her back and Yatzie must sound like a lion for half a minute. Then it is over. They both know it, and Angela, Isas mum, and I have had to accept that this is the procedure between these two, we can not prevent it. For the rest of their time together Yatzie is the one who is on her back the most! Saturday we spent two fantastic hours on the ice and in the woods near Waxholm, blue sky all day!

Etiketter: isa friends

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