Wanna go home!

Still Yatzie does not want to go for any long walks. She runs back as soon as she is ready with her things and stands by the door waiting for me, peeping into the window - where are my little babies? She checks on them and if they are quiet takes a nice rest on our soft and cosy bed! Or in the puppy box. She is worth it! See how slim she is. Right after birth she was back to her normal 25 kg from 31,5 before birth. Her waist was 83 cm and now it is 70. She still has a few kg for the puppies to eat from. Yatzie was never a very thin dog and it feels good that she has enough for the coming few weeks when the puppies start needing more and more milk. Today I saw a change in her appetite, and she now eats her dry puppy food even without raw meat in it.

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