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My life with the French waterdogs Yatzie born 2007 and her daughter Moët born 2011. Barbets are purebred, active, relaxed and allergy friendly dogs with a soft and loving spirit. I am Swedish but live with my dogs in Holland. I hope you will enjoy the blog! Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

2013 > 02

We spent an afternoon in the dunes again, and when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, it got really warm. The very first feelings of spring made us spread out our jackets on the sand and sit down and  just enjoy. The dogs, after playing widely, chasing each other and digging in the sand (I think they also had their first spring feelings!) they calmed down and enjoyed the sun together with us!

Moët in her full splendour in the dunes!

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Bambi is Whoopi's 5 months old sand coloured puppy. Today they came along with us to Soesterduinen. Their owner Judith always take very good care that the little one does not walk for too long, and thus brings a stroller. Bambi does not mind sitting in the stroller once in a while, but it got heavy to pull it up the sand dunes. So Judith trained Whoopi to push her baby by herself!

Etiketter: barbet, bambi, whoopi

The snow returned today and we took a long walk with good friends. The dogs were so happy to run around in the snow and the rest of the family was happy to have a wild showball fight! in the evening it was the most perfect wet snow for making a snowman just outside the house. Bas and Margot made this beautiful one, and the dogs were curious to see who this guy was! Yatzie thought he was an intruder and started attacking him but fortunately we could stop her at once! Let us see if is still there tomorrow morning...

Moët just loves to cuddle. And the children love to cuddle with her. She gives you sweet kisses all over your face, and then just gives herself over to you. After a while she falls asleep in your arms. She is such a sweet and loving character. You can't but love her crazy...

Took Moët to the vet today for a vaccination shot. She was sooo relaxed! The veterinary commented that such a relaxed dog is very unusual to see! She laid down on her back on the examination table to be patted and almost fell asleep on her side. I was so happy to see this! But things can change.... Yatzie, who has never been afraid at the vet, did not want to enter the room. I did not understand why. The vet told me that the last time she had looked in her ears and her ears are very sensitive... Finally she entered the room very carefully, hiding under the table...

Charley came for a haircut at Dog's Furry Tales in Hilversum. Of course we drove over to see him! Charley is such an active Barbet it was almost impossible to catch him on a picture! But he did very well on the trimming table! He has a lovely thick wavy fur that the owners used to keep long. Now it was shortened very much -  could be a good idea at his age to get rid of all the puppy fur and in general freshen the fur up. After many hours on the table Charley deserved to stretch out in freedom so we went all together for a nice walk in the sunset on the Hilversum heathers.

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She did it again - Moët got the Reserve CAC at the dogshow in Eindhoven! With us in the ring was four Barbets, one of them Ylka (Quaciendas Sangria Georgii) that you can see in the pictures with her new pink hairclip! Congratulations to her sister Fenka (Quaciendas Fenka Georgii) who got the BOB!

Ylka (Quaciendas Sangria Georgii)

A barbet book!

The first book about the barbet published in Europe is here! 308 pages, 300 photos, in hardback  for years of enjoyment. Order the book here: The book is available in English and Dutch and can be shipped to all countries!
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Authours: Elisabeth Roest Kempemo and Brigitte Waller-Rengelink. 

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  • June • 4 juni 2016 16:31:26
    Beautiful Barbets! Has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years to have a Barbet of my own! Someday! ;)

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