A very special Champagne

I think all of you know who the brown boy with a white chest and paws is. He carries the name of this whole litter and from the very beginning he stood out. Not only by his special colours but also by somehow always being around when the camera was on. He is a very active dog with eyes wide open all the time looking at you. He sleeps less than the others and whenever I came to the puppy room he was already waiting for me while the others were sleeping. From the very beginning he was dear to Yatzie. Not only did she work more with him than with the others, since he was dominating his siblings, she really enjoyed playing with and caressing him. I do not know who misses him the most - she or I? Our special Champagne now lives in Hengelo, west Holland, with a family with a lot of experience of dogs and who have been longing for an intelligent dog to be very active with. They have got it! "Bye bye my sweetheart Champagne. I know you will steal also their hearts and keep them very happy - and busy!"

Champagne is Margots favourite puppy and she calls him Leny!

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  • mamma • 20 november 2011 10:28:50
    Vet du , min älskling, jag vill bara gråta när jag ser alla fullkomligt underbara foton på varje valp. Vilken skatt att ha kvar! Vilka personligheter de är!
    Puss, puss,

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