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My life with the French waterdogs Yatzie born 2007 and her daughter Moët born 2011. Barbets are purebred, active, relaxed and allergy friendly dogs with a soft and loving spirit. I am Swedish but live with my dogs in Holland. I hope you will enjoy the blog! Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

2012 > 05

Today we went to pick up Yatzie and Moët after their long weekend with son/brother Charley. It was a hot day and the dogs took refuge in the shade under a tree in the garden of the Zuidbergs. They looked so nice together I had to make a little film. Yatzie gets very talkative and Charley joins in for a moment. He adores his mother. They have had a marvellous time, Yatzie even made friends with the cat! Thanks Monica and Gert for taking such good care of our treasures! I did not need to worry about the dogs at all, I knew they were in the best of hands full of love, activity and cuddles. You are the best!

This weekend Yatzie and Moët will be staying with Charley and his family in Julianadorp, since Bart and I need to go to an important event in Sweden. For the dogs to get used to their new environment we spent some hours together with Charley and his sweet family of parents (Gert and Monica) 2 boys (Stefan and Martijn) + 2 cats, 3 rabbits and 7 hens! They live near the beach and surrounded by canals so the dogs will have a fantastic time. But how we will miss them!!!

Beli in Poland got 191 out of 200 points on her first 2 months long obedience course examination! Congratulations! Irek and his family sent us some pictures from the event and also from Beli first try on a short agility track which she did with a lot of energy and enthusiasm! He tells that Beli is a gorgeous and incredibly dynamic dog. She now weighs 20 kgs and is 53 cm high.

Moët has one of her favourite places on the top of the stairs in our  house. From there she can have an overview over the bottom floor as well as the back garden through the big windows in the living room and she has control over what goes on on the second floor as well. Cute!

Our labrador Saartje is 13. Still alert and happy, but she has artrosis and is very unstable on her back legs. Therefore she does not play a lot with other dogs any longer. But this day Moët charmed her and they are rolling around on the floor together - until Moët gets too close to Saartjes throat, then she says "Enough!" and Moët immediately understands and backs off, barking to show how sorry she was that it was over asking "Please, let's play more!". This was a special moment and I am so glad I got it on film!

Etiketter: barbet, moёt, saartje

Moët joined me and Yatzie at the hunting training last Tuesday. The trainer threw the craw and she just went out in the cold water and got it. No training, it just happens with her! Well done Moët! Now we have to start working on holding it in the mouth and letting go on command.

Our friends Femke and Ruut have two rabbits in a cage in their garden. For hours Yatzie and Moët were glued to the fence that we had to put up to give the rabbits some space and avoid a heart attack... Ole, their son, and a true dog lover, took care of the dogs' bangs and decorated Yatzie's in a Chinese style!

Bart was a much appreciated packhorse during our visit to a large tivoli park this week together with our good friends Maike and Peter, and all our kids and dogs! Bart's responsibility gave him a a valid reason not to come along in the merry go rounds! And for the rest of us a reason to! We had a lovely time -  and so did the dogs. Especially when it was time for ice cream! While Moët neatly licked her part of the icecream Yatzie thought it was a better idea to just bite the whole cone right off!

We spent a nice day in Rotterdam last week together with our good frind Galit, her kids and half sister. Just sharing a few shots from here and there. The dogs even came along to the bowling hall!

It was time for Joey to go back to his family. Lila and her children came to pick him up and it was nice to see the joy of reunion. We will miss Joey a lot, especially Moët who has a very good friend and playmate in him. Margot will miss the hugging! Some shots from their last "Let's share a stick" game!

Sunday we spend a whole day at the Animal Event in Hilvarenbeek, the whole family together. It was a very nice event, with all kinds of animals, shows and dogs, dogs, dogs. But it was cold!


Margot tried Treib ball with Moët who learned quickly.  We saw a great show with blood dogs and hunters on horses and horn blowers, irds of prey and sheep herding with border collies.In the afternoon there was a parade with all different dog races on the big arena and we participated with Yatzie and Moët together with two more Barbets. The Barbet club also had a stand there to promote our not so well known race.

In the evenings we go for our walks in the area around our house. This is Holland so everywhere there are canals! Moët and Joey like to explore the canals and the reeds together. This time there was an buzzing sound in the grass that caught their attention. Probably a fly stuck there. Then there was still some energy left in those little bodies and they were again playing, playing, playing!

Etiketter: barbet, joey, moёt

Of course our doggies always follow us when we go to the kitchen. And once in a while they - of course - get a sweet! It is a lot of dogs these days -  and so much life and joy!

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  • Elaine Fichter • 20 maj 2012 07:09:48
    Hi there, try 7 in half the size and they are all waiting for something to drop! Cute photo!
  • Yes, Elaine. My thoughts often go to you and all your dogs when I think it is a lot here, and then it suddenly seems like nothing with ours! Barts mother used to have 8 - Rotweilers! Now she only has 5 dogs, 3 of them Berner Sennen! More about them another time!

    22 maj 2012 17:47:55

One can watch them play forever - Joey and Moët! All day long they tumble around in the house, chasing, teasing, sharing a stick, wresteling. They both make some very sweet sound as they are rolling around each other. It is so cute! Jeoy has a lot of energy, Moët wants to rest more - but he won't let her. Yatzie she is quietly chewing on a bone or sleeping leaving the two young ones alone.

25 degrees, blue skies and glimmering water - the summer said hello here in Holland on Queensday. Yatzie apparently knew beforehand and put on her summer outfit that morning!  Same day we also discovered a new dog paradise just 15 minutes drive from our house - Kleine Plass, the little lake, in Maarsen. Trees stretching out over the waters, reeds to search through, open places perfect for retrieving. This will be our new favourite place!

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  • margot • 18 maj 2012 22:30:47
    het was heeeeeel erg leuk in rotterdam en bij onze vrienden en in duinrell en met koninginnendag!!!!!!


Queensday, the 30th of April, is a public holiday in Holland. People all dressed in orange, the colour of Holland, gather in fleemarkets everywhere where kids sell stuff they do not need anymore. Very good socializing for the doggies - incredibly crowded! The dogs did very well I have to say! This week we have an extra member of the flock - sweet, naughty little Joey, a 1-year old cocker spaniel.

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  • June • 4 juni 2016 16:31:26
    Beautiful Barbets! Has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years to have a Barbet of my own! Someday! ;)

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