Everyone is doing fine

Just want to let you know that all the puppies are doing fine, also the last one is now eagerly drinking and slowly gaining weight! It has been very busy - I am serving Yatzie drink and food, Yatzie is serving the puppies 24 hours. She refuses to go out even for a pee, but has to of course. So I drag her out twice a day and she drags me back! Sometimes I see some desparation in her eyes, it is a lot for her. But this morning she kissed my face when she saw me, the way she always used to do. It was a sign to me that she is getting a little more back to herself and getting used to the new task as a mother of 10.

Some are busy eating.
Others are busy sleeping!

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  • Bart • 20 september 2011 16:58:42
    I'm so proud of our Yatzie dear!!
    She deserves a big bowl of Champagne!

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