With brother Charley again

Yatzie and Moët will once again stay a long weekend with Charley's sweet family in Julianadorp, north Holland, while Bart and I go to Sweden. I spent some hours there today with them to let the dogs get used to each other again before leaving them there. They felt at home at once and the sister and brother started immediately to play wildly!


Great to see Charley fullgrown! He has a strong male appearance, with an amazing thick wavy fur. Just like the other black offsprings from Yatzie and Chico his fur has a beautiful brownish tint. He is 60 cm high and weighs 28 kgs without being overweight in any way. Just a sturdy Barbet. Moët, newly groomed, looked so small beside him with her 20 kgs and 53 cms height. Charley is a male version replica of Yatzie. He even makes the same snurking sound as she does when he is enjoying being petted or wants some attention. The fur on his head is straighter than the rest of the body just like her. His character is very friendly, jolly and playful. He loves his family and is very cuddely like most Barbets. Enjoy the pictures of the family!

Brother and sister posing
Close-ups of Charleys brown-tinted black wavy fur

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