The top floor playing ground enlarged

The puppies spend the first half of the day on the top floor, where they were born. That is where we have our home offices Bart and I, and today it was time to enlarge the area for the puppies to play more freely. They curiously discovered all the corners of the room and happily started running around and playing. Everywhere in the room there are interesting things for the puppies to play with and discover as you can see in this 3 minutes long video!  They found the dog pillow of Moët under Bart's desk a perfect place to sleep all together. Moët has a second pillow under my desk so she adjusted after giving up trying to make it clear that it was her place :-) ! Moët is  all the time coming to me for attention while I am recording this video. You will see her head and tail swoshing by :- ) !

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