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My life with the French waterdogs Yatzie born 2007 and her daughter Moët born 2011. Barbets are purebred, active, relaxed and allergy friendly dogs with a soft and loving spirit. I am Swedish but live with my dogs in Holland. I hope you will enjoy the blog! Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

2012 > 11

The Dutch beaches can be enjoyed all around the year. On a sunny fall day it even gets crowded!

Nikki - a malteser living with Barts mum in Spain -  came to visit for the first time. Yatzie and Moët were fascinated by this sweet, lively and playful dog. She normally lives with 2 Berner Sennen and 2 other dogs so she is used to big company! She was not at all afraid of the big Barbets - and they totally fell in love with her! And so we all did! Moët and Nikki played for hours! I suggested we keep her here with us but no way - not for a milliion pounds said Ineke. And I understand her! NIkki is a very nice dog!

A forest in full fall colours and a Barbet: Is there anything more beautiful in this world?

I do not know how other families with many dogs do it - but when we go away for a weekend I always bring the dogs! It is not easy to find a place where: 1. three dogs are allowed 2. it is nice and cosy 3. there is nature nearby 4. you're are on the ground floor with your own entrance 5. it is affordable. But sometimes, after hours of searcing on the Internet you find that perfect place! Like last weekend that we spent at  Villa Beaulieu  in Bergen, north Holland. The first night we were in a one-roomer - see how cosy it was with dogs all around the bed! The days after we had more space, our own kitchen, three terrass doors and just an amazing time. The dogs love to spend all day together, is it on the floor nearby us, on the lap like Moët always wants, in the restaurant or out in the nature! And of course I love it too!

First night - dogs took more space then we in that little room - each one on their own dog bed!
Saartje is so old, suffering from artrosis, she can not get into the car so we have to carry her in and out.

Yatzie climbs trees like a cat! Yes, she is actually on the trunk of the tree on the picture (even though it looks like she is on the ground behind it!). She balances there patiently, crabbing hold with her claws, while I take the picture! The trick is to place some sweets in the tree and then you can be sure she does all that she can to get them! She learned this as a puppy and loves to climb in trees and search for sweets. Moët tries to do the same but does not have the same focus as Yatzie, she is still very "jumpy" and puppy-like, and falls off easily.

Some people thought the above photo was a trick photo. So I add shot from another angle to convince you that Yatzie is really on that trunk!

A playful 13 months old Grand Danois made a big impression on both Yatzie and Moët! Moët, who always wants to play with every dog, did her very best to answer his sweet play invitations, but somehow he was just soooo big it was too scary for her. She tumbled around under him, and in the end found refuge by me!

Champagne (now Basil) was the liveliest of Yatze's puppies, he also stood out from the rest with his white chest and paws. He stayed a week longer than the others to get some special education from Yatzie who worked a lot with him and his manners. At the Club match I saw him for the very first time after he left the nest, and it was such a joy to see what a sweet dog he now is. He is never dominating other dogs, says his happy owners, he plays well and listens good too. His fur is thick and more curly than that his brothers and sisters. Enjoy a few pictures of the only brown male from Yatzie's nest.

Today both Yatzie and Moët participated in the exhibitions of the Dutch Barbet Club. 47 Barbets were shown! First time for me in such a show and it was amazing to see so many Barbets together. I have not shown Yatzie for a long time, and in hard competition she scored third place in Open class! I am very proud of her! Moët had great critics, but was still not placed amongst the best 4. The only thing the judge saw as a minus was that she could be wider over the breast which should come with time.


The greatest joy today was to see another three of Yatzie puppies! Missy (Tsarine) and Basil (Champagne) for the first time since they left the nest! Our wild teenager Charley (Henriot) was also there and had very good critics (though not placed amongst the 4 best). Missy is a lively and playful girl and Moët and she had so much fun playing together. Unfortunately I have no good photos of her since we were in the ring together and the rest were all blur... Missy also got Very good as qualification, but she still needs to grow a bit wider. Thanks to all of you puppy owners who met up today!

Missy and Moët playing!
Missy relaxing - for a short moment!
Charley by the judge
Champagne aka Basil!
Moët in the fields after the show!

A barbet book!

The first book about the barbet published in Europe is here! 308 pages, 300 photos, in hardback  for years of enjoyment. Order the book here: The book is available in English and Dutch and can be shipped to all countries!
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Authours: Elisabeth Roest Kempemo and Brigitte Waller-Rengelink. 

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  • June • 4 juni 2016 16:31:26
    Beautiful Barbets! Has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years to have a Barbet of my own! Someday! ;)

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