Go tell it on the mountains...

...over the hills and everywhere! Yatzie will be a mother! Three days of excitement! The details… belong to Yatzie and Django alone. Now three weeks of waiting before the confirmation – it seems endless… Yatzie has been so sweet in this process, so focussed, determined. A new side of her has come out. She deserves to be a mother and I believe she will be a very good one.


What an adventure we have had. We have met wonderful people and made new friends. We have seen beautiful parts of France. We have done nice things together Yatzie and I. I will update you on more of our adventures back in Holland. The internet connection is really bad from this hotel. It has been special to be in Yatzies home country for the breeding. She is after all a French lady. I am also glad I had many days to emotionally get ready myself for this big event in Yatzies and my life.


So good bye France, we leave today. Hurray to Yatzie and Django!

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  • Désirée • 2 december 2010 16:01:24
    Ohhh wat een geweldige beelden. Heb met tranen in de ogen van ontroering zitten kijken. Wat een lief en prachtig stel vormen ze samen :-))
  • Willemien. • 29 november 2010 16:02:18
    O, Elisabeth vilken romantisk berättelse, det måste bli så söta valpar efter den kärleksresan.
    Hörs, puss Willemien.

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