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Ambeloui, called beli, in Poland seems to be the biggest of the puppies! Beli weighs 14,4 kg and is 47 cm tall! When I saw this picture it was like seeing Yatzie. She has Yatzie's eyes exactly, and her expression too! Here a few words about Beli from her family:


"Beli has got endless resources of energy when she's playing with other dogs. She still jumps a lot. She jumps from the couch to the armchair and this is a little bit more that 1,5 meters. Today on the walk she met deer herd and acted like a real hunting dog - she froze motionless with one front paw raised and was standing like that untill Agata turned her back. She tastes everything what's on the ground, for example deer's and hare's excrements. She's unusual and beautiful. We're all in love with her." See more new pictures on Beli's puppy page.

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