The blooming heathland

The heather is in bloom! Here and there in Holland are wide heathlands where dogs are allowed loose. Hilversum has one by Zonnenstraal. We met up there with Brigitte Waller and her whole sweet pack of dogs (she has four). She came prepared with a big umbrella, but as we started our walk the sun came out, something rather unusual in Holland these days. While Brigitte's dogs were leaping of joy, running over the heaths, Yatzie walked slowly by my side most of the time, as should a pregnant lady. There were many nice dog gatherings, in some of the pictures you can see a grand golden doodle (a black one...) - another Barbet look-alike, just like the labradoodle that is becoming extremely popular in Holland. But the purebred Barbet has been looking this way naturally, for hundreds and hundreds of years!

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  • Brigitte • 1 september 2011 09:33:09
    Hi Elisabeth,
    Your pictures are just gorgeous!!! Pitty you can't add the lovely smell to the pics. I think Yatzie had a long sleep afterwards...
    See you soon!
  • She did!

    1 september 2011 13:53:11

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