An early farewell

Breeding dogs is a mission full of joy, but can also be heart breaking. We had heard our purple little boy gurgle a few days. He was the lightest of the boys but gained well like the others. The vet had a look at him but saw no reasons to take measures. Last night he got problems drinking and became lethargic. We took him to the vet again and she now put him on antibiotics. His lungs sounded ok then. Back home started a long night's struggle for this young and fragile little body. I sond fed him but he developed problems breathing and finally he did not make it through the night. We are devastated. Our only comfort is that he is no longer suffering. We gave him the name Ciélo, which means heaven in Spanish - that is where he is now, in a cosy place full of warm, sweet milk where there is no pain... Rest in peace sweet darling Ciélo. 

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