The beauty of dusk

Thanks to Yatzie I get to enjoy nature in all its beautiful expressions. It was getting late but I wanted to give Yatzie a longer walk at a place we do not visit so often. Both of us need some variation. I did not expect the dusk to be this fabulous. As we walked around the lake in Nieuwegein we stopped at different spots admiring the beauty, Yatzie sniffing happily. Can you see her in the first picture?

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  • Désirée • 22 februari 2011 18:00:03
    dear Elisabeth,
    I havent commented for a while but still follow Yatzie's blog. Such beautiful pictures and such a beautiful, happy dog. Love the pictures where she seems so happy retrieving, and then lying down with almost a smug look on her face :-)) She is lovely, thank you for sharing.

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