Making new friends

Today Yatzie made friends with a Friesian Stabyhoun during our walk at the Strijkviertel lake. Yatzie was not so interested in playing, she was very focused on me, but gave in to the sweet Staby's eager invitations. Then a magnificent, but dominant boxer bitch came along and the other dogs showed very low signals to keep her quiet! Even Saartje, who is not afraid of anything, looked a little more submissive than normally. Tupak, our neighbour beagle, came along aswell playful and fun as always. It was a cold, sunny day - great for motion pictures, as fast as 1/1600 sec on 200 ISO! Yatzie had a shower last night - see how her fur is shining!

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  • Marijke • 6 januari 2011 12:40:19
    You've done very well with the new lens. What a beautiful pictures.

    See you next time at Strijkviertel.
    Marijke (owner Frysian Staby Syb)
  • Hi Marijke,
    Hope to see you there another day!

    6 januari 2011 17:05:02

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