Great news - the grass is out!

Great news - the grass came out of Moët's paw! As I was cleaning it I saw something sticking out of the hole in the infected area and pulled. The grass was 2 cms long. It was just one single straw from a full Forasacchi which can have up to 10 straws. See the photo of a big one stuck in Yatzie's face. The grass went into the skin on top of the paw, between the toes, 7-8 days ago and has travelled some 6 cms inside the paw. Now I am extremely happy! My sweetest Moët will soon be well again! You can see how swollen her foot still is in the photo. She needs to wear a head collar, to prevent licking, and she is totally confused about that thing around her neck. She does not want to walk around it with but stands still, head hanging. She is very tired from the antibiotics so I think she can sleep well after all. 

The straw inside Moët's paw appr 2 cms long
A full Forasacchi in Yatzie's face.

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