Back at the Dutch beach

One of the best parts of Yatzie's life in Holland is the beach! Long, sandy, full of dogs to check out and play with and most of all - the water dummy that flies far out in the water! With a good reward in my pocket she brings it right back to me. When the reward is over she prefers to run off with it and hide it somewhere in the sand... not good. Well, well, a good trainer comes prepared with meatballs to these training cum joy sessions! Multi-tasked Marianne, the white labrador Luna's mum, did a great job throwing both balls and dummies while I was behind the lens. And Saartje, she always astonishes all of us tirelessly swimming to get her beloved ball despite her arthrosis and her 12 years. When we were just about to leave we saw that two balls were left far out in the water. Bart got ready to walk out and get them but Yatzie played the hero and found both of them! Well done Yatzie!

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