Making a birthday dog cake for the puppy meeting

Tomorrow Yatzie's puppies will get together for the first time after they left us. We are looking so much forward to it! Margot has made a fantastic birthday cake for all the dogs to celebrate Yatzie's 5-year day all together. It is so yummie we could eat it ourselves! But I am also working on one for the human guests too! This is what we put in the dog birthday cake:


Brown bread in a round shape (pieces just mounted together)

Liver paté

Second layer of bread

Salami-type sausage


Topping: a mixture of whipped cream, créme fraiche, grated cheese

Decoration: Dog biscuits, soft liver paté to write with

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  • Elaine Fichter • 19 april 2012 20:02:13
    Wish I had had this this morning for Guy Guy's birthday, it looks gooooooood!
  • You would have loved it! Happy Birthday Guy Guy!

    19 april 2012 22:31:10

  • Gert • 15 april 2012 22:57:03
    Hi Margot, we wisten niet dat jij de taart voor de hondjes hebt gemaakt. Je hebt het goed gedaan; ze hebben er allemaal van gesmuld! (Het duurt nog even, maar op 17 september maken we er één voor Charley ;-)

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