The puppy room

The room for the puppies is ready, with the puppy box in a corner and a lot of space for the puppies to run around - before they invade the rest of the house! I left a desk with storage room in the room for the things needed for the delivery and the care of the puppies. There is also space enough for a matress. I will sleep there the first period. The floor is soft and warm, yet easy to keep clean. I put a thick, soft carpet underneath a rather solid vinyl carpet that reaches up the walls a bit, to prevent any water to ruin the wooden floor beneath. I am very happy with the result. It is light and harmonious but also practical. The puppy box I made from a book shelf we already had. I had a door cut out and screwed it on with hinges on the bottom so that it when it is open makes an exit/entrance ramp for the puppies. I will attach anti-sliding tape on it. I have also prepared a small gate for the main door opening that I will screw onto wooden logs that I attached to the wall. This is for the first few weeks after the puppies leave the puppy box and start moving. For the last period a higher gate will be used. Yatzie is if possible even bigger now... The belly is hard. She is doing very well. So joyfully running outside still. I have to keep her on a leash to prevent her from running after rabbits in her normal speed. Only 7 days left!

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